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Photography & Video



Connected us a piece that looks at how a depth of connected can inspire art. How the people we hold dearest to us can influence our lives and our emotions.

To be held in the arms of a loved one is to find a place of peace
As arms and legs wrap round so too do the warmth of familiarity and comfort
No matter the time spent apart, the physical embrace serves as a reminder that our spirits remain… connected

So hold me.

Hold me when the rain pours, when the sky frowns and the winds bellow in anger.
When the sun shines, when the trees smile and birds dance across the heavens
When I feel fine, when I feel not so fine, when I strive to climb and reach the top to find I’m afraid of heights

Hold me

Hold me and never let go
Hold me because in your arms I find strength
In your arms find trust, I find us

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